Affiliate Marketing - Brick by Brick (How I Made $10k in 6 Months)

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I’ve made $55,000+ online since 12/2020 through digital and affiliate marketing. I was working 2 jobs and built this side hustle up. You can make excuses or money, but you cant make both. Make a choice. Start Affiliate Marketing Today!!

In honor of my Mother who gained her wings on 8/22/21 #Bricks4MyMom 🧱🕊

Are you looking for another way to make extra money from your phone?

Are you interested in affiliate marketing or just getting started? 

Are you sick of your 9-5 job?

Do you need a way to make money while you sleep?

Do you feel like you’re worth more than what you’re getting paid at your job?

Do you like helping people level up?

Are you an affiliate marketer now but struggling to get sales?

Or are you just wanting to learn more knowledge on affiliate marketing to get better?

If you answered yes to all or most of those questions, hear me out.

In December 2020 I started my affiliate marketing journey looking for a new way to bring in extra income. I never knew that my side hustle would turn into my purpose.

My first month with no courses to guide me, in December 2020 I did $240.

After that I invested in my knowledge and grabbed a few different affiliate marketing courses and picked up valuable gems from some solid players in the game.

It always pays off when you invest in yourself!!

These were my results after learning from some affiliate marketing courses.

January- $1132

February- $1477

March- $1682

April- $4016

May- $2963

June- $4239

Courses help you speed up your learning curve!!

It's safe to say that affiliate marketing has changed my life and has given me a new found purpose to show folks another way to make money online by helping people level up on their knowledge and income. There's no better feeling knowing you can get paid by helping someone, and even better you can do it all from your phone. Now, I want to share my experience and gems with all of you to help change some lives!!

Affiliate Marketing in simple terms is you just marketing someone else’s course/service for a commission of anywhere from 50-75% when you sell their course/service. You are just connecting the dots to the sale with your affiliate link.

For Example, the digital courses I affiliate for, my niche being side hustles & investing courses.


This course will be an overview on Affiliate Marketing as a whole going over:

🧱What it is

🧱How to start

🧱How it works

🧱How you get affiliate links

🧱How you get paid

🧱How to market your services and value

🧱How to find action and potential customers

🧱How to sell in the DMs

🧱How to overcome objections

🧱Branding & Presentation

🧱How to grow your following 

🧱Social Proof and More...

You will also learn how I was able to start and scale to $10,000+ in Affiliate Sales in 6 months with a small following on Twitter and Instagram. This course works for you even if you are a course creator as well. I use the same methods for both affiliate sales and course sales.

I will also cover:

🧱My story & background

🧱My results

🧱My Facebook strategies 

🧱My Instagram strategies 

🧱My Twitter strategies 

🧱Email marketing strategies 

🧱After the sale strategies 

🧱All my other tips & tricks I do all from my iPhone!!

I am always adding more videos the more I learn as well. You will get lifetime access to all new videos!!

I hope you collect these gems and take action for you and your family. You deserve more than a 9-5 rat race job!! Start today and start changing your income and your life!!

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50% Affiliate Commissions Opportunity!! 
Make your money back with two affiliate sales when you affiliate for this course, everything else is profit for you!!

The course comes with videos of me going over affiliate marketing and my strategies, tips & tricks.

**Due to the content included in this course, there will be no refunds**

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I want this!

You’ll get video courses showing and teaching you how to start, scale and all my tips and tricks I use till this day.

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Affiliate Marketing - Brick by Brick (How I Made $10k in 6 Months)

438 ratings
I want this!